Stefano Braghiroli: “Last developments in Italian politics”

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Teisipäeval, 12. märtsil käis Rahvusvaheliste Suhete Ringis TÜ Riigiteaduste instituudi teadur Stefano Braghiroli, kes rääkis teemal “Last developments in Italian politics”. Loeng peeti inglise keeles, seetõttu on ka konspekt võõrkeelne.

Last elections turned out to be a big mess. Before couldn’t nobody expect who is going to win. The elections were important to Europe because Italy has so far showed strong anti-European attitude.

Technocratic government by Monti ended up and the experience of his party wasn’t so successful anymore. He wanted to form a coalition of Centries parties, become a part of it and take the grant.

Former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi made an impression that he was weak, before he had told that he is going to resign but actually he was like a puppet leader. In the end, right before the elections he told that despite his will, he feels the need to run the country. His party promised reduce the taxes and his new government would give the money back to the citizens.

Other candidate, Pier Luigi Bersani is less social democratic, he presented himself as the herald of pro-european and had the image of Robin Hood (take from the rich to give it to the poor).

Former comedian Bepe Grillo Movimento 5 stelle. He started to critisize the corruption, political system. The party had a protest message (it’s not a party, no lider, no program) and it was first party in Sicilia. Their main idea was not to form a coalition.

CHAMBER (can vote when you’re 18): Bersani-340 (29,54%), Berlusconi-124, Grillo-180 (24,13%), Monti-45.

SENAT (can vote when you’re 21): Berlusconi 116, Bersani 113, Grillo 54, Monti 13 and Center left had to get 5 regions, got only one.Overall, the surprises were the uprising of 5 stelle and the recovery of Berlusconi.

Non of the parties really didn’t want to get to the coalition with the others. Center left CLEARLY doesn’t want to do that. Grillo and Center-left would have formed a coalition but if Grillo would have done that, he’d have eaten his words. The other option was to come up with creatibility but that would mean a lot of work.

Italy has the 3rd economy of European Union. Bragriroli pointed out that it is like a huge train without the conductor. There are 2 main internation consequences: 1) Indirect support for Monti (as he is the EU’s man) 2) Management of the euro zone in general

What would happen? 1) great coalition- unstable, marked by infectiveness, dramatic growth of anti-european segments, 2) new elections – Europe doesn’t want that because Italian constituion says that new elections can be done after 6 months.

In the long term- direct assistance from EU (nobody wants to end up with that but it’s a dead end anyway) but the Greek scenario is a little bit of unlike- Italy is too big to be failed but too big to be saved.

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