At the University of Tartu since 1963
RSR is one of the oldest organizations operating at UT, since 1963 we have been uniting students from different disciplines
RSR is one of the oldest organizations operating at UT. Since 1963, RSR has been united by a group of friends with whom it is easier to send students from different disciplines.
RSR connects people
Students of all specialties who are interested in international relations are welcome to join RSR



Tulevased loengud:

09.03.21- RSRis Piret Kuusik: Pärast Brexitit: Ja nüüd?

16.03.21- RSRis Keit Kasemets: ELi reaktsioon koroonapandeemiale

23.03.21- USA saatkonna esindaja

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From the circle

The International Relations Circle, RSR, is an organization operating at the University of Tartu, which unites students interested in international relations. RSR gives weekly lectures and podcasts on foreign policy topics at the Genestudio for weeks. Once a year, RSR selects the best foreign policy writer and awards the winner. Political moles on international relations are also written in Müürileht. In addition, RSR organizes a memory game on international relations every spring within the framework of the UT Spring Days, and at least once a year there is a field trip to an interesting institution related to international relations. Our guests are politicians, government officials, researchers, entrepreneurs and other people interested in or in contact with international relations.

RSR was founded on October 7, 1963. Among the alumni, there are many well-known, advanced people who visit our lectures from time to time. People in the Great and Small Circles of the RSR come from different faculties and in many disciplines, such as political science, law, history.

Every Tuesday night at six o'clock (of course in the academic quarter hour!) They gather in the Club of Geniuses to listen to a lecture. Lectures are available in both Estonian and English.


RSR võtab liikmeid vastu sügissemestri alguses, et täiendada koosseisu ja kasvatada peale järgmisi põlvkondi. Selleks kuulutab RSR välja konkursi. Järgmine konkurss leiab aset 2021. aasta septembris. Seniks hoia meie tegemistel silma peal Facebookis Circle of International Relations page.


Contact details of the RSR board and academic supervisor

RSR academic supervisor: Raul Toomla
tel: +372 737 5583

President of the RSR: Carl Philip Laantee Reintamm
+372 5024128

Vice President of RSR: Paula Kägu

Vice President of RSR: Jaak-Markus Maamets