At the University of Tartu since 1963
RSR is one of the oldest organizations operating at the University of Tartu, founded in 1963.
The friendship
RSR is one of the oldest organizations operating at the University of Tartu, founded in 1963. RSR is a community with whom it's easier to endure the study period. Our students are from different faculties and mayors.
RSR unites people
Students interested in international relations and studying whatever mayor are much welcomed to join RSR!

The Society of International Relations

The Society of International Relations, RSR, is an organization operating at the University of Tartu, with the goal to unite students interested in international relations. RSR organizes weekly lectures and weekly podcast episodes on different international topics in Genestudio. Articles on international relations are also written and published. In addition, RSR organizes quiz like events on international relations every fall and spring, and at least once a year a field trip to an interesting institution related to international relations is organized. Our guests are politicians, government officials, academics, entrepreneurs and other people who are interested in or come into contact with international relations.

RSR was founded on the 7th of October in 1963. Among our alumni are many known people, who time to time come to give us lectures on interesting topics. People in the Inner and Outter Circle are from different faculties and different mayors, for example political science, law and history.

On every Tuesday evening at 18:15 we meet at the Genialistide Klubi to listen to the lecture organized by RSR. The lectures are mostly in Estonian and sometimes in English.


RSR accepts new members at the start of every fall semester to grow the next enthusiastic generation. For this RSR announces a contest. The next accession round and contest will take place in September of 2023. Untill then keep an eye on our facebook Rahvusvaheliste Suhete Ringi page

Contact information


The contacts of the board of RSR and our academical supervisor

Academical supervisor of RSR: Raul Toomla
tel: +372 737 5583

President of RSR: Ruth Sisask
+372 53359161

Vice president of RSR: Patricia Suimets

Vice president of RSR: Hendrik Priisaar

Vice president of RSR: Siim Vaher


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